Tincman Herps UVA & UVB Sunmeter Bundle

$240.00 $225.00

Our UVA/UVB Sunmeters are accurate and affordable.  To have an animal that requires UV you have a certain responsibility to ensure that your products at least contain some UV.  I can’t tell you how many products claim to have UV and have absolute 0.  Also you can follow the degradation of radiation to know when its time to replace bulbs which is crucial.  These Sunmeters read UVB/UVA in uw/cm2 units.  We have found them to be consistent with very good range, especially within normal basking area to bulb distances..  We recommend measuring your bulbs as close to the basking distance as possible to see what is actually reaching your animals & making appropriate adjustments to either bulb or distance to get adequate levels to reach the animal..  We include 2 AA batteries need for operation.

Our Sunmeter comes with a 1-Yr product replacement warranty against malfunction as well.


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