Tincman Wifi Smart Outlet Timer (Works with Alexa)


Tincman’s Wifi Smart Outlet has app support, allows you to set a schedule reliable on off times for your LEDs, Mistking systems, Ventilation fans & all other electronic Husbandry devices that need to operate on a schedule.  We have switched all of our racks over from analog and digital timers to these as theyre more reliable and allow you to flick on any or all of your tanks at the press of a button on your phone so you can perform a quick task without having to have access to timers that may be behind or under tanks half the time.  Not only do you get to set on/off times from your smartphone via the app, but you can turn any device on and off with your phone once youve setup the outlet to your wifi network.  Our unit works with Alexa & is very compact, not much larger than a 3 prong Plug.

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