Ranitomeya Fantastica “Reticulated” (Each) 0.0.1

$175.00 $125.00

These frogs are Really cool Fantastica, we have found them to be more bold in a well grown out tank.  The import price on these was over 300 Per frog when I got the breeders so at under 140 per well started sub adult theyre priced fairly.  The Maze-Like pattern on these seems to come in and get better with age as they grow, pictured is an actual parent frog for reference.

**Tincman Live arrival Guarantee Valid to Fedex Ship Center/Holding Location Only** Our policy Guarantees frogs to arrive alive to any Fedex Location as long as any DOA are reported within an hour of delivery.  Please inquire if you’d like to proceed to a Non Fedex location and waive Tincman’s coverage.

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