Premium Insulated Shipping Box (Complete kit, normal to warm weather ready)


These premium 8,9,10 (outer dimension) shipping boxes are what you want to use for shipping smaller quantities of frogs.  Unlike the Build a box kits other companies sell our product is a complete thick walled stiro cooler box inside a perishable  labeled outter cardboard box..  The size of this box is much safer than the smaller 7X7 & 8X8 boxes when Heat or Cold packs are used as they allow better spacing of the animal from the temp control devices.  Our Warm weather Kits include everything you need to ship in warm weather:  8,9,10 Box, a phase 22 Cryopak Temp control pouch, Small Cold pack, 3 small 2 oz deli cups & 1 larger 8 oz deli cup for packing frogs & it even includes a shipping pointers guide from Tincman on how to use your packing materials to best ship your frogs…


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