Phyllobates Terribilis “Orange” Black Foot (Tadpoles!!!) 4 pack!!

$150.00 $130.00

We Really love the Phyllobates Terribilis Morph for the following reasons, theyre bold, large & very rewarding frogs to keep that reward you with good looks at them often during the photoperiod.  We have a small number of tadpole 4-Packs available, we dont normally ship tadpoles, but being that multiple groups layed clutched at the same time we didnt want to have too many mouths to feed so heres a rare opportunity to grab a few at just under half price of a frog.. The tadpoles will all be about 7-14 days from popping rears, well started..  Our frog shipping live arrival guarantee applies.

**Tincman Live arrival Guarantee Valid to Fedex Ship Center/Holding Location Only** Our policy Guarantees frogs to arrive alive to any Fedex Location as long as any DOA are reported within an hour of delivery.  Please inquire if you’d like to proceed to a Non Fedex location and waive Tincman’s coverage.

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