Oophaga Lehmanni “Yellow” 0.0.1 Tesoros Lineage


Oophaga Lehmanni “Yellow” are another Dream Frog come into the hobby Via Tesoros De Colombia Sustainable Farm, the contrast on the Yellow morph is truly spectacular & the Phenotype variation is truly remarkable.  We have produced many with the common banded pattern that are amazing, some with wavy striations of black, some with saddle like patterns and even a couple bullseye like spotted lehmanni.  Whenever we visit Colombia & hike into the Forest there is less and less habitat for these stunning gems sadly, in continuing to purchase frogs from Tesoros lineage you foster a legal alternative to smuggled animals & enable them to Rebuild Forest, Educate and improve the situation facing the endangered species (They’ve already rebuilt many Acres around The farm and tons of species of Birds and plants have come back once they rebuilt habitats)

**Tincman Live arrival Guarantee Valid to Fedex Ship Center/Holding Location Only** Our policy Guarantees frogs to arrive alive to any Fedex Location as long as any DOA are reported within an hour of delivery.  Please inquire if you’d like to proceed to a Non Fedex location and waive Tincman’s coverage.

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